Due to health problems I have been unable to work on this blog for several weeks now. Although the meeroos still hold a fascination for me, being self employed and too ill to work, I have to prioritise where I spend what little income I still have. Meeroos unfortunately have to go.

I hope that my situation will have improved by the time the Nocturnals are released and I can restart the blog with their arrival.

Thanks to all my readers…



Welcome to meeroo addiction, this blog has been set up to try to collect together the combined wisdom of the hundreds of meeroo owners and breeders out there. From guides to help the beginner with their first meeroo to the seasoned breeder who just wants to keep up with the news.

Dryads watching the four pointsIn the news…

The dryads bring a warning [more]

7 Stones a sneak peek [more]

New Section, Runes [more]

NEW! The Pet-O-matic arrives, with video… [more]

New Gadget reviews [more]

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Scam warning [more]

Dryads are here [more]

The Oracle, The Oracle has returned to SL [more]

HUD v1.2 Update, The new HUD starts shipping today [more]

Developents at Roo, Over on the Meeroos website, Catherine has posted some more news about the messengers. The full story is posted on her blog  But the headlines are as follows [more]

The watchers is available as a wallpaper (1280 x 962 px)

What is a MeerooWhat are Meeroos?
Meeroos are mythical creatures they were rediscovered in 1930 – you can read the lore of the Meeroos on the web site

In Second Life terms they are a brand new breedable pet, they have AI, are very cute, and have been carefully designed to break new ground in the breedable pet market in virtual worlds.

How to get started

There are two ways you can get started with meeroos, you can buy a starter chest from the official store  these chests contain the basics to get you started. That is a home stump for the meeroo to live in / at, a bowl of food, called nibbles, the HUD so that you can interact with your new pet, and of course the meeroo. The starter  chests can contain anywhere between one and six meeroo nests. [more]


We don't get paid to write this blog, we do it because we love the meeroos and the sense of community. If you think this resource was uesful then our meeroos would be greatful of any donations you generously make, to enable them to buy nibbles.

Thank you
Meeroo Addiction Team

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